Yvette Sormann is a highly regarded Stylist, Personal Shopper and Fashion Influencer. Yvette's distinct style and love of fashion has given her an exciting and successful career in Australia and abroad.

Closette was started by Yvette Sormann in 2008.  Yvette began her fashion career at a young age, always playing dress-up’s and changing outfits multiple times throughout the day!  

Yvette’s passion and skills were cemented while working in New York City for a leading showroom on 7th Avenue.  Upon her return home to Australia, Yvette worked as a fashion publicist followed by a career in design and manufacturing in her own business - an entrepreneur was born!  

After a successful 10 years, Yvette decided to follow her true passion of styling, personal shopping and organising and she has not looked back. 

Yvette identifies emerging trends, develops signature style essentials, creates looks for individuals and edits wardrobes. Yvette prides herself on her attention to detail and focus on the individual.  She is results driven and passionate about fashion satisfaction for her clients.