How To Pack

Now that we are all back from Summer holidays - we need another one, am I right?  In case you didn't pack so well last time, here are some useful tips on how to pack like a pro.

1. Make a list (and be prepared to cull it - big time).

2. Lay out each item and put outfits together.  Ask yourself, how many times can I wear each item; as in can this item be worn at least 3/4 times in different ways?  Dressed up for night but casual during the day? Think where you will wear each outfit and how long you are away for.  It's okay if you wear the same thing a few times. You usually don't see the same people each day anyway! 

3. Pack outfits together in clear zippered pouches.  So that you can see everything clearly and can hang each outfit when you arrive at your destination.

4. Store toiletries in clear bags as well, so that you can see what you have.  Make sure the lids are on tight so there is no leakage.  You don't need to take your whole bathroom cabinet with you - just bring the essentials.  Depending on how long you are going for you won't need everything.  When you are having a great time you wont have time to use every serum, face mask etc... save them for when you return home.  

Pack light!