Jane, 42, Brighton
“Having Yvette come and help me with my clothes was amazing! I can’t believe how much we got rid of, it was so refreshing. Yvette
not only helped me with my overall look, she gave me some
amazing beauty and styling tips and got me to see clothes in a
whole new way. I love the complements I’m receiving.”

John, 43, Sydney
“I work in a corporate environment and it’s important to look professional. Yvette helped me get the right suit for my build and showed me what colours and styles work together.
I can’t shop without her!”

Claire, 34, Kew
“Being a new mum can be overwhelming – especially when trying on clothes and putting outfits together. It was great to work with Yvette. She took me shopping and I love all my new clothes.
Who would have thought I could look so glam.”